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Disk quota affects the following elements:

  • log files;
  • databases;
  • mailboxes;
  • java applications;
  • mailing lists;
  • domain backup files;
  • virtual host directories.

If the disk quota is over - notification is sent to the domain administrator and the domain is shown as 'problematic' in the interface.

Disk quota limits the disk space used for hosting and it is possible to overuse disk quota limits.

Hard disk quota is a usual system quota for the ftp user. If this quota is over ftp user will not be able to further create any files.

Hard disk quota limits server disk space available to a domain customer and it is not possible to overuse this parameter.



  1. If a domain's ftp user creates a file in directory /tmp it will be in 'hard disk quota' but not in 'disk quota'.
  2. If Plesk administrator creates a file in user's htdocs directory as root it will be in 'disk quota' but not in 'hard disk quota'.
You may also check this article in HSPcomplete Provider's Guide for additional information on Plesk domain Hosting plan creation.


If you have plesk server in VE, make sure to set 'Limit of user quotas (quotaugidlimit)' Billable resource to the value greater than number of domains you are planning to have, otherwise the quota may not work for a user.
For Plesk VE hosting plans it is to be set at least to 300-500.

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