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Release notes

To install Spamooborona on your Parallels Small Business Panel server you should perform following steps:

1. Download from  a package suitable for your operating system.

Install it on server by issuing the following command in server console:

* On RPM-based systems, rpm -i <package_name>.rpm
* On DEB package based systems, dpkg -i <package_name>.deb

During installation, you can encounter the following errors: "Command not found", "No such file or directory", "mailmng call failed while registering sp-plesk". Ignore these error messages.

2. Issue the following commands:

mkdir -p /var/spool/spamooborona
chown root:popuser /var/spool/spamooborona
chmod 0770 /var/spool/spamooborona
echo SO_MTA=plesk > /etc/spamooborona/adm_so.conf
/usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mailmng --add-handler --handler-name=spplesk --handler-type=global --executable=/usr/sbin/sp-plesk --context=sp-plesk --hook=before-queue --priority=10

3. Make sure that it is possible to establish a connection from your server to, on port 2525.

Now all incoming mail will be checked at the Spamooborona server. The following headers will be added to the message:

"X-Spam-Ystatus" can be "hits= xx.xx"
"X-Spam-Flag" - can be "NO" or "YES"
"X-Spam-Yversion" is "Spamooborona-3.2"

For spam messages Spamooborona will change the subject to: [SPAM] <old_subject>

You can configure mail clients to filter mail based on the headers. For example, you can configure a mail client to delete or move to the Spam folder all messages containing the X-Spam-Flag = YES header.

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