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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6
  • Virtual Automation


In Parallels Management Console (PMC), some functions do not work:

  • If you go to PMC > Templates > Check for template updates, you receive the error message Target vzaup2date is not found.
  • If you go to PMC > Schedule a task, you receive the error message Target scheduler is not found.
  • Container CPU usage is calculated incorrectly (~250 to 300 percent usage is displayed while the node is almost idle).
  • After a Virtuozzo containers upgrade, some containers are not listed in PMC.


Parallels Management Console has reached its End-Of-Life and is no longer developed. As a result, some functions fail to work because changes are made in Parallels Virtuozzo Containers or Virtual Automation Agent products.


Use Virtual Automation to manage your PVC servers.

VA is the successor to Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0, and its functionality was split into infrastructure (VA MN) and node administrations (VA Agent). PMC connects to VA Agent running on the Hardware Node, and the inability to update templates or create a scheduled task is due to the absence of this functionality in VA Agent, which has now been moved to the VA MN.

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