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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 9.5 for Linux/Unix


Utilities vzrestore and vzmigrate exit with an error on attempt to restore or migrate Plesk 9.5.0 - 9.5.2. The error message is simular to the following one:

Error: Some packages(s) not found
Error: /usr/share/vzyum/bin/yum failed, exitcode=1 No Match for argument: psa-9.5.2-suse10.3.build95100504.15.x86_64


Packages for versions 9.5.0 - 9.5.2 are not included into the "repositories" files that contains the template repositories list.


Add URLs of 9.5.0 - 9.5.2 templates repositories to the original "repositories" file for each template.

For example, for the Plesk distributive on –ěS SuSE-10.3 x86_64, "repositories" originally looks as follows:
After update, it should look as follows:
To save time when updating your "repositories" for each template, update only "repositories" for your distributive and then run a command-line script given below. The script substitutes the "repositories" file for each template that starts with "plesk9.5-" with a symlink to the file you created for your distributive.

for i in `ls -1d /vz/template/suse/10.3/x86_64/config/app/plesk9.5-*`; do rm -f $i/default/repositories; ln -s /vz/template/suse/10.3/x86_64/config/app/plesk9.5/default/repositories $i/default/repositories ; done

Note: If you have previously modified "repositories" for any of the templates, perform the URLs update manually to preserve your earlier modifications.

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