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When one logs in to the Parallels Power Panel of the container and goes to Maintenance -> Backup -> [pick a backup] -> Browse backup the following error is shown:
 | The file manager is unavailable now.
  | Possible reasons
  | You have no access to this function.
  | PVA was misconfigured.
  | Possible solutions
  | Return to upper folder.
  | Call the Hardware Node administrator for support.
  | Other possible actions
  | Refresh this page
  | Hide Technical Details
  | Technical Details
  | VZAgent returns error #2002: "Can't perform "list" operation: RDBMS error (-2147483648) :
  | DBMS Error #HY000:1:1:no such table: vSecurity (1) SELECT T1630276.[operation]
  | FROM vSecurity T1630276 WHERE ((T1630276.[objId]='f8e462fe-ddb0-d0ba-7c56-126b80ba8b01')
  | AND (T1630276.[sid] IN ('AQEAAAAAAAAAAAAA','AQEAAAAAAAAAAAAA'))) AND (T1630276.[operation]
  | IN ('0','99')) "


Also, it is not possible to restore the backup. In the control panel, it shows an Application Error, and in the log, it shows the following:
T=13:30:35:343; L=(inf); PID=26773; TID=2af45751f2b0; P=VZLAuthEngineLocal [handleOk] Roles are synchronized with master
T=13:30:40:867; L=(err); PID=27413; TID=2af45751f2b0; P=VZLDBSchema [onRdbmsError] RDBMS error (-2147483648) : DBMS Error #HY000:1:1:no such table: vSecurity (1)
SELECT T140735295419336.[operation] FROM vSecurity T140735295419336 WHERE ((T140735295419336.[objId]='3aa6eac1-db65-3240-b679-ec02fba5333d') AND (T140735295419336.[sid] IN ('AQUAAAAAIAHUPtovuo1FHZCbANrFVmm+AAAAAA==','AQEAAAAAA+jpAwAA','AQUAAAAAIADUPtovuo1FHZCbANrFVmm+AAAAAA==','AQUAAAAAIAHUPtovuo1FHZCbANrFVmm+AAAAAA=='))) AND (T140735295419336.[operation] IN ('0','99'))
T=13:30:40:900; L=(err); PID=4329; TID=2af45751f2b0; P=VZLCore [throwErrorImpl] Throwing exception from /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/pva-agent-core-4.6/vzl/plugins/VZLPager/Operators/VZLPagerOperator2.cpp(816): invalid view "vEnvironments".


The issue can be fixed by upgrading PIM to PVA. You can install PVA 4.6 agent as described in the following article:
9445 - How to (Re)Install PVA 4.6 Agent on a PVC 4 HW Node


You may also restore\browse backups using PVA Management Node GUI or command line tools:
# vzarestore --browse 2fda3ed4-8dba-1d45-909b-00dac55669be/20110206112937 -d /etc  --storage BACKUP_NODE_HOSTNAME

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